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About the Architect Difference

What it means to you.

I help connect people with homes as distinctive as they are. Whether they are ready to list their home for sale or are seeking their next home, I leverage my 12+ years of experience as both a REALTOR® and licensed architect to guide them through the process smoothly.



If you are selling your home, getting the value you deserve requires great staging, fantastic photography, and clear communication of any unrealized potential the home may have. My background in architecture has and continues to add tremendous value to my Clients in these areas and beyond.



If you are seeking your next home, chances are you haven’t yet found one that is quite right. You are unique, your needs are unique, and your personal taste is unique. Whether the homes you consider are new or old, large or small, expensive or affordable, you need to have a clear idea of the potential of each. My background in architecture allows me to help clients see beyond homes as they are, and to creatively visualize how through minor (or major) adjustment they can best be adapted to best suit their needs.


North Idaho living is incredible. It's the place where summer on the lake meets winter on the ski slopes, all without straying far from home!


Who is Brandt Hay?

For nearly two decades, Brandt has leveraged his background in award-winning luxury design to uniquely serve his clients in real estate. Brandt is keenly aware of the tremendous impact design has on value, and actively focuses on adding value for clients at all levels of the real estate business. As a certified Global Luxury property specialist, Brandt has a proven track record of maximizing client returns on investment. As a former architect, Brandt is highly skilled in helping clients define their vision and in identifying homes & land that can realize that dream.


Brandt lives in north Idaho, and actively serves the greater Coeur d’Alene / Spokane region. He has a keen interest in the dynamics of what makes north Idaho such a great place to live, and how to keep it that way. Buildings in general and homes in particular have tremendous impact on that lived experience, and Brandt actively seek to celebrate approaches to home and neighborhood that best enhance quality of life in the region. 

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